The new fragrance follow your instinct

«Aura is the irresistible charm unleashed by the fragrance’s allure»

Thierry Mugler

aura mugler


AURA MUGLER is the wondrous, new mystical world of MUGLER where animal dominance meets the power of plants. A divine, new concept of femininity – a call to follow your instinct and obey your senses, to tap into your deepest desires and unleash the inner force waiting to break free.

a work
of art

A MUGLER design handmade by a sculptor then produced on a larger scale, the craftsmanship of the bottle is a work of art.

a surreal object

This thing that resembles a sleeping beetle

it is a heart

that beats

that grows

that palpitates

It’s a living thing

It's your heart.


This new femininity comes alive as the young and multicultural Zhenya Katava, whose diversity epitomizes universal beauty.

MUGLER chose two famously edgy designers from London, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornthon Jones, to create the artistic vision for this original concept of femininity.

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