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Womanity Eco-Refill

Eau de Parfum

Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume bottles are refillable, thanks to the eco-source. The original sweet and savory fragrance is rich in contrasts and built around the fig, with an exceptional fig and caviar accord.
Notes: fresh fig, oceanic accord, fig wood and leaves

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Rating and Reviews

Womanity Eco-Refill 5 5 4 4
Subtle callback I am amazed how frequently I am asked what perfume I am wearing when out by both men and women. I will have been out for several hours and no longer smell it myself when someone will take a different sniff, smile and ask me if I am wearing perfume and if I would tell them what it might be. Men have been most charming when asking and even writing the name down saying they would like to get it for their wife. Women have commented on the subtle softness. I have used it as my signature fragrance for about 4 years now and my toughest critic - my daughter - loves it and has begun wearing it herself. I have had other wonderful fragrances through my years, but have never enjoyed wearing a scent as much as Womanity (nor have I spelled a word for others as much as I have this one!) I feel naked without it now. March 17, 2014
Nothing But Amazing I use to be more of an Angel fan but over time i have really come to love Womanity the most out of your whole fragrance line and hope you carry not only the fragrance but the Womanity Eco-Refills all the time because i do not wish to buy many bottles when i can just refill...I have Pour Elles as well and wish that came in an Eco-Refill as well..i can't count on hand how many times this year i would of preferred getting a refill of this fragrance over buying new fragrances out there in the market and couldn't because i couldn't get a hold of your Eco-Refills until now and tried other places but the stuff was old..i will only buy it directly from you for now on..non-experienced noses can't tell the difference but i can because i have been using this for years before i even had a Mugler account online..i think the fragrance is genius because it is unique and fresh.. it is aquatic,fruity,savory all at once...i think i will be buying another refill of this soon because it was hard to get this past year and was not available..Please keep this all year round there are many fragrance lovers in the fragrance community that love this still...please do not discontinue it...ever! November 5, 2013
Womanity Refill I love the refill bottle of this cologne but have been unable to get it lately. The stores in my area quit selling Womanity so I order it on line. That is how much I love the stuff. The bottle it comes in is awesome also. I would love to see this cologne return to the Von Maur, Dillard's or the Younker's stores. October 8, 2013
Sexy scent Since I became a woman of age my parfum started to smell different with the changes of my body chemistry. My niece was working for Macy's and brought me a sample of Womanity. From the first moment I put on the scent it smelled delicious! It was like the scent was made exclusively for me. It smells heavenly and I get tons of compliments on the fragrance. I received a bottle for my birthday and when that was finished I brought the refill bottle. I love the fact that I can refill the beautiful bottles and the economy size comes with a tiny funnel to make it easier. This is my signature fragrance now and I wear it everyday. October 8, 2013
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