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Eau de Toilette

A*Men Eau de Toilette, the first fragrance for men created by MUGLER, conjures the mythical image of a hero, half-man and half-god, portraying power, vitality, sensitivity... a sophisticated and sensual fragrance full of both contrasts and balance, it blends oriental woody notes and spicy aromas with modernity and charisma.

The A*Men MUGLER fragrance comes in many forms, in a bottle redesigned to express all its different facets...

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A*MEN Hair & Body Shampoo

A*MEN Hair & Body Shampoo

This A*MEN scented men's shampoo for use in the shower will help prolong the virile strength and refined trail of A*MEN by MUGLER, the Eau de Toilette for the man who dreams big to unleash his inner superhero.

4.9 out of 5
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