Responsible Luxury

MUGLER is committed to creating its fragrances in pursuit of a new vision of luxury: one that is more responsible.

Since 1992 and with the birth of its first fragrance, Angel, the brand has broken away from age-old codes thanks to its perennial bottles that can be refilled at the MUGLER Source, which allows the reuse of 4,320 bottles daily*. In addition, Eco-Refill bottles
also allow you to refill your perfume bottle at home.

At present, we are collaborating with our partners to create a “community of actors” committed to responsible development projects to preserve nature and its resources. The harvest of high-grade raw materials, such as Sambac Jasmine in Alien or Bourbon Vanilla in Aura MUGLER, allows for the protection of sources and the fair compensation of producers.

We believe that with creativity and boldness, sustainable and respectful luxury is possible.

*Source : Internal Clarins Data – FY 2014-2017 - All sizes combined

for all

The MUGLER Source is the fruit of a quest to make luxury accessible to all.

fragrance bottles

MUGLER launched Angel in 1992. With a semi-handcrafted bottle, shaped like a star and containing the overindulgent scent made with the finest ingredients, this perfume is even more precious. Hence, a price point that is noticeably higher than most.

This variance adopts an unconventional approach. To keep its beloved bottles and make its perfumes as accessible as possible, MUGLER is embracing the centuries-old tradition of perfume fountains, enabling customers to refill bottles indefinitely instead of throwing them away.

The MUGLER Source was born to refill, at the point of sale, the glass bottle of your precious perfume.

fragrance bottles

Eco-refill bottles

Your everlasting fragrance at arm's reach.

fragrance bottles

The MUGLER eco-refills allow you to refill the original bottle if it is not refillable at the MUGLER Source or if you are unable to go to a point of sale.

Make the experience last with Angel, Alien, Aura MUGLER, A*Men and Alien Man
Eco-Refill bottles.*

*Depending on availability