a mysterious vibrancy,

soon available for men

Alien Man is a turning point in time when a male alter ego, a virtual deity yet unmistakably human, is on a quest for purity and light.
Our leading man heralds an intoxicating escapade where power meets abundance.

A manlyradiance

Inside every man lies a mystery. It shapes his splendor and his rarity. Alien Man reveals this personal distinction to the world in the form of a luminary – half-man half-god – who beams with strength and exuberance. Master of his own destiny, he transcends his inner darkness. Led by a constant yearning for new horizons, we find him poised to advance toward an ever-brighter dawn. Like a new promise, a manly radiance that is Alien Man.


A vibrant contrast

Alien Man causes confusion but then offers comfort. The fragrance exudes positive manly energy. In a swirl of contrasts, its fragrance trail joins the forces of electrifying freshness, elegant seduction, and extreme magnetism. An Eau de Toilette in three vibrations for an olfactory shockwave.

ELECTRIFYING Surging energy. The composition is set alight by its aromatic aniseed freshness and causes a stir with its smoky woody notes.

ELEGANT Awe-inspiring impact. A carnal elegant blend adds warmth and virility to a modern retake on leather. An overflowing assembly that blends vibrant and spicy fresh casherman wood.

MAGNETISM The force of attraction. The legendary signature of Alien Eau de Parfum – a metamorphosis of white amber. Over an unparalleled base of floral leathery osmanthus, the blend releases notes of smoke and apricot.


We uncover what is strange and fascinating, for we are legion.
We champion the beauty of the uncommon, for our differences are what unites us.
We believe that the hope of a better world is sparked by the mystery within each of us.
We are the promise of a revelation, our own reawakening.

we are all alien

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