ANGEL Eau de Parfum Refill Bottle

Delight your senses with ANGEL Eau de Parfum, a new creation inspired by the childhood memories of Thierry Mugler. Be captivated by this unique perfume for women, available in a refill bottle that lets you replenish your Star, so that you need never be without ANGEL.
An oriental gourmand with three polarizing yet complementary facets that explore the memories and imagination to paint a portrait of the multi-dimensional woman.

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Angel Perfuming Body Lotion

Angel Perfuming Body Lotion

Prolong your perfuming ritual with ANGEL Perfuming Body Lotion and experience the gourmand universe and whirlwind of emotions that ANGEL leaves on your skin. Its lightweight, melt-in texture moisturizes the skin while leaving it intensely scented. Apply before the Eau de Parfum to allow ANGEL to linger on your skin morning to night...

4.9 out of 5
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