Angel Immaculate Star

Angel Eau de Parfum is a new creation born of Thierry Mugler's childhood memories and his visions of glamorous women. 
This tender, gourmand and captivating fragrance is showcased in a limited edition bottle, a new celestial body to complete the Angel constellation. 

The Immaculate Star bottle's diamond-like facets sparkle all the more for the 18 Swarovski crystals set in a shower of glittering flakes that illuminate the glass to give this jewel the dazzle of a winter star. Its chunky star-shaped lid, sculpted as if from silvered metal, brings purity and elegance.
To ensure it sparkles for all eternity, Immaculate Star is refillable at the Source or with Eco-refills.


Olfactory family: Oriental Gourmand
Celestial Facet: Bergamot - Delicious Facet: Red berries - Voluptuous Facet: Vanilla/Patchouli

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