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Wonder Fair

Wonder Fair

Angel and the love for celebration

What child doesn't stop to gaze at a carnival confectionery stand? In this universe of dazzling sweet perfumes and colors, the celebrated star is now illuminated. In its trail, MUGLER releases a new limited edition, Angel Fruity Fair, a deliciously animated treat.Between the ferris wheel and the coconut shy game, the senses are awakened by the surrounding aromas: welcome to the extraordinary world of the Wonder Fair!!

Angel fruity fair

Discover Angel Fruity Fair
Angel fruity fair

Angel fruity fair

A carousel of delights

The carnival breathes indulgence. Angel Fruity Fair also. The Eau de Toilette, a limited edition, revives memories of childhood attractions and sweetness, in three whirlwinds: red fruits, apple pie and vanilla whipped cream. All of this is enveloped in the celebrated star-shaped bottle, “iced” for the occasion in a mirror-like pop blue. The promise of a luminous treat!

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Angel is at once a magical and child-like world, tender and powerful.

Thierry Mugler

Angel eau sucrée - Eau sucrée

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