A unique bottle : Angel

MUGLER® Angel Star Perfume Bottle
Thierry Mugler Mag the unique bottles


Monsieur Mugler envisioned a star-shaped asymmetrical bottle of angular contours to be handmade like a work of art. He knew for a fragrance never dreamt of before, its bottle must be an endless source of fascination as well. He decided to bring the heavens to earth. Initially, the glass manufacturers said it was impossible to make a bottle in such heavy glass, but Monsieur Mugler refused to consider any other option…

From vision to reality

It took the Brosse Master Glassmakers over two years to develop the process needed to transform his sketch into the first celestial vessel, the Étoile. To give life to this beautiful star, a new technological breakthrough in glassmaking was employed. A rotating mold was specially created to ensure the 320-gram ball of melted glass is evenly distributed, followed by hand inspection to ensure perfection.

Thierry Mugler Mag the unique bottles
Thierry Mugler Mag the unique bottles


Each bottle is then hand polished three times and hand packaged. There are no two Étoiles exactly alike, making each star as individual as its owner. The first bottles were ready just a few weeks prior to the launch of Angel in 1992.


The star is cut like a diamond. It is narrower at its base than at its head. Its five branches are the symbol of perfection. The asymmetry and the stretching of the branches recall the strength and emotion of a world in full metamorphosis. Its sparkling and mysterious facets form a kaleidoscope of emotions. Monsieur Mugler took inspiration from the Étoile’s silver cap and created his beloved shooting stars.

Thierry Mugler Mag the unique bottles +
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