A Bewitching Valentine's Day

Valentine's day gift ideas: MUGLER® perfumes

Awaken desires with luscious skin, kindle passions with a gentle fire radiating from every curve of your body, make your loved one yearn for a taste of you – Valentine’s Day calls for a thousand delights! Seductive gestures combined with the perfumes, creams, lotions, mists and oils of MUGLER’s art of scent prolong your sensual pleasure.

The lingering trail of a voluptuous perfume, weaving a spell with its oriental or amber notes...

Wafting from hair delicately sprayed with Perfuming Mist, and clinging lightly to every contour of your throat, your wrists, and the curves of your neckline scented with your best-loved fragrance...

Emanating from your seraphic skin, smoothed with Perfuming Body Exfoliant Cream then enveloped in a satiny veil of Perfuming Body Lotion...

Your lingerie suggestively exuding your trademark scent to stir your loved one's senses.…

An intoxicating mesh of arousing fragrance, created by your Perfuming Body Lotion, Perfuming Body Oil, Balm and Radiant Body Lotion...

Thierry Mugler mag A bewitching valentines day
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Interview of Casey Cadwallader

Interview of Casey Cadwallader

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