Four levels of sensations

The MUGLER® Fragrance Finder

Your desires change. Our creations follow these changes. To meet all of your desires, MUGLER fragrances are available in a variety of concentrations, the four main categories of traditional perfumery. These four concentrations contain a varying amounts of the perfume extract creating four combinations of the perfume's quintessence that are each unique and able to captivate the senses.

Eau de Cologne and Eaux Fraîches: The most transient of them all, containing only a touch of the essential concentrate (4%-6% perfume extract). These fragrances that energize and refresh as desired... MUGLER Cologne Eau de Toilette was deeply inspired by the freshness of its citrus notes and the sensuality of its white musk aromas, all while offering flawless wear.

Eau de Toilette: Less intense, its fragrance trail comes to life, revealing its accords successively thanks to a subtle composition of perfume extract (around 12% on average). A revelation in the scents of Angel Eau de Toilette, Womanity and Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

Eau de Parfum: One of the most concentrated varieties (12%-16% on average), its notes awaken the senses and persist from dawn until the late night. Angel and Alien Eau de Parfum are prime examples, as well as Les Exceptions MUGLER.

Parfum, also known as Extrait de Parfum (starting at 20% concentrate): the most intense; the most precious; the most persistent. It boasts extraordinary tenacity, like that of Eau de Parfum Alien Essence Absolue, in both its concentration and emotion.

Four concentrations, several universes... Our Fragrance Finder will enlighten your path when choosing your ideal MUGLER fragrance.

More about Inspiration
The Amethyst: Source of soothing light

The Amethyst: Source of soothing light

Quartz crystal is said to provide both serenity and radiance – as does Alien by MUGLER. The precious mineral has been a prominent, harmonious inspiration, from the delicate purple bottle.

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