Angel the gourmand note

MUGLER® Gourmand Angel Perfume

Monsieur Mugler boldly imagined a perfume that would change the world, a new fragrance that evoked fantasy, comfort, imagination and memories, those of childhood treats... Developing the scent took patience and creativity. A new olfactory family was born with the creation of Angel : it was the first Oriental Gourmand fragrance.

On the one-hundred-fortieth trial, I was completely blocked by my overdosed vanilla-patchouli accord: powerful, unique, interesting, but not feminine at all. At the same time, all flowers seemed to make it dull and remove its purely oriental character, which we really wanted to keep.
It was only when we met in person with Monsieur Mugler that it all became clear. He spoke to us about his passion for chocolate and the decadent flavours of his childhood..."
Olivier Cresp, perfumer
Thierry Mugler Mag the angel gourmand note

That was the light bulb moment.

As a perfumer, the ear is sometimes more important than the nose... Yves de Chiris, Marketing Director of Quest International.
Thierry Mugler Mag the angel gourmand note
Thierry Mugler Mag the angel gourmand note

This meeting helped get Olivier Cresp's work back on track. The perfumer revisited his initial training in food flavourings and began to explore the baking, dessert and sweet aisles in supermarkets...

After 494 mouth-watering trials later, a resolutely different fragrance was created which opened up a new olfactory path, Gourmand Oriental. Cresp describes the process as “an incredible olfactory adventure!"

Thierry Mugler Mag the angel gourmand note
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