The Amethyst: Source of soothing light

Alien Perfume bottle

An ancestor of the mineral kingdom and always unique, the amethyst has transcended through the ages. From Brazil to India, Mexico, Africa and beyond, its silky luster, violet reflections that vary from light to dark, and extreme wear have made it eternal, just like the symbolism and legends that surround it. Quartz crystal is said to promote serenity and moderation: in Greek mythology, it protected the wearer from all forms of drunkenness; in Ancient Egypt, it was believed to have healing powers; in the West, it is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage, while at the same time its soothing color lends itself to mourning... The amethyst also encourages meditation and spiritual elevation: on the façades of cathedrals built during the Middle Ages, stained-glass windows still light up with its purple hues. It is the perfect balance between strength and wisdom.

Alien holds this generous and luminous harmony within to bestow it graciously on others. With its floral, woody and amber revelations, the fragrance soothes, transports and radiates, and its bottle does the same. Inspired by a faceted precious gemstone, this sacred talisman is charged with positive energy.

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Patchouli: The essence of sensuality

Patchouli: The essence of sensuality

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