The secrets of Aura MUGLER, the Fragrance of Instinct

Aura MUGLER embodies the expression of a powerful and untamable feminine force: instinct. A sensual fragrance filled with character, Aura MUGLER invites women to reconnect with their inner nature. But the Eau de Parfum hasn’t finished revealing all of its mysteries yet... MUGLER makes the experience last, revealing the creation secrets of the iconic fragrance encapsulated in a green heart.

The first fragrance created by MUGLER.

From the beginning, I dreamed of a fragrance called Aura. Aura explores the birth of my other fragrances
Monsieur Mugler

Something that was achieved in 2017: Aura tells the story of a woman who is at the origin of the world and who returns to the essential: a lush and primitive nature. A new Eve in a mysterious and captivating world. A vision of femininity where instinct is made Female.

In humans, instinct is Female. We call it intuition. An instinct which is shared by all and belongs only to each of us.
Monsieur Mugler

A new note derived from traditional Chinese medicine.

Originally inspired by orange blossom, Aura MUGLER was designed as a fusion of opposites: an encounter between the floral and animal kingdoms. By accentuating the floral accents with fruity accents, MUGLER adds a new dimension to a fragrance family which is well known to women: oriental scents.

At the forefront of olfactory research, MUGLER introduces a new natural note derived from traditional Chinese medicine and never used before in perfumery: the Tiger Liana. A double substance which is rich, bitter and smoky like sweet candied almond; the note is both sensual and exquisite. That’s why Aura MUGLER is described as a Floral, Oriental and Charnel fragrance.

An emerald green perfume bottle like the beating heat of nature.

The bottle finds itself at the crossroads of creative inspirations which form the lifeblood of MUGLER’S unique expertise. Created by Monsieur Mugler before being hand-made by a sculptor, the Aura MUGLER bottle joins the line of beloved bottles. Its color carries many meanings: emerald green is connected to the stone of the magi, dedicated to Venus. The color of hope as well as the color of the 4th chakra (the heart). As such the bottle’s shape embodies the beating heart of a primitive nature. And nature - like instinct - reassures, calms and revitalizes.

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