Bourbon Vanilla: instinctively wild

LISTEN TO YOUR INNERMOST SELF Addictive and excessive. Like all MUGLER fragrances.
The feminine Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum is an Oriental Floral Carnal fragrance,
at the center of which beat three hearts in unison.
The exquisite and sensual Tiger Liana is the beating heart of instinct.
Then crisp tangy Rhubarb Leaf combines with a luminous
Orange Blossom to form the intense and vibrant floral heart.
The animal heart is developed with a woody, smoky and intimate Wolfwood, silky like fur.
The feline sensuality of this fragrance
is expressed through the Bourbon Vanilla bean.


A fruit from a tropical plant from the orchid family, the vanilla bean is an exceptional natural raw material which has the power to evoke exotic faraway lands, drenched in sunlight. Cultivated in a village between sea, bushes and mountains using ancestral expertise, the Bourbon Vanilla in Aura MUGLER is organic and Fairtrade certified.

Its white flowers with nuances of green produce a fruit which ripens after nine months. The beans are then hand-picked by local growers before undergoing a final maturation process lasting almost three years! Their fragrance unfolds, leaving precious vanilla crystals to appear.


The crop requires highly specialized care and is in fact one of the most expensive and prestigious raw materials in the world. Already in fashion during the reign of the Sun King, Bourbon Vanilla still continues to delight the greatest perfumers even today. At the heart of Aura MUGLER, all of its balsamic accents and captivating beauty are expressed.

It tempers an oriental fragrance with spicy notes and warms a floral fragrance with its sweetness, while enrobing it with a gourmand essence.

A “black flower” at the heart of an instinctively sensual fragrance.

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