Patchouli: The essence of sensuality

Legendary Patchouli and Angel perfume

A legendary ingredient with a unique history, that of a leaf with the aroma and character of wood: this smooth, mellow leaf, which grows on a bush from South-east Asia, boasts a similar strength, power and depth. Its branches are cut three times per year, and are dried then distilled. The results: A beautiful, amber-colored essential oil that leaves behind a powerful, enveloping and radiant fragrance trail... It awakens the senses, sparks curiosity and has helped create a legend in perfumery. It is unique, and yet its sensual, woody, oriental and very distinct character allows for multiple accords.

Monsieur Mugler instinctively placed emphasis on this noble, mysterious ingredient as the signature note of the brand's star perfume. For Angel, exceptional patchouli is selected from the most remote regions of Indonesia, and is picked according to the highest quality standards. It is then distilled to preserve its essence. Patchouli is overdosed, then married with vanilla for perfect harmony. The ultra-feminine character of one ingredient blends with the tenderness of another.

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Angel the gourmand note

Angel the gourmand note

Monsieur Mugler imagined his first fragrance as enveloping and heady as his memories of childhood sweets and treats, thus the Angel’s gourmand note was born.

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