Patchouli: infinite sensuality

VELVETY SEDUCTION The legendary Angel fragrance continues to evoke the most intimate memories
and awaken the senses. With its Oriental Gourmand trail, Angel has created a revolutionary signature scent.
The signature ingredient of Angel?
The woody depth of Patchouli, increased to the extreme.
In its Eau de Toilette version, the scent is enveloped by the amber
warmth of a blonde wood accord with cedar notes, where its luminous texture is the expression of delicate sensuality, velvety and sublime.


To deliver the full richness and depth of its earthy and enticing notes, extracting the Patchouli must be done in line with the rules of the art. Hand-picked throughout the year, its leaves are left to dry for three days, then collected in packs which rest for several days before the distillation process.

For Angel Eau de Toilette, the Patchouli is picked on the island of Sulawesi, in the Indonesian archipelago, and according to practices which respect the land and local communities.

To ensure the purest form possible, the Patchouli undergoes a double distillation. The first, on its leaves, allows the full splendor of its olfactory components to be extracted, while the second enables all of the heavy and earthy molecules to be removed.


This noble ingredient, the essence of intense and enigmatic aromas, has long been used as a staple ingredient in perfumery for its exceptional stabilizing and binding properties. It is now given pride of place by MUGLER with Angel Eau de Parfum and its incredible quantity of 30% pure Patchouli essence!

An overload of sensuality which combines all of the Celestial (bergamot and red fruits) and Delicious (praline) facets.

An ingredient of infinite sensuality for an infinitely sensual fragrance.

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