The tears of Benzoin: from the tree to the perfume

At the source of the latest MUGLER creation: Angel Nova. The new star of MUGLER perfumes celebrates the audacity of dreams and the power to reinvent oneself.

This new interpretation of the iconic Angel inspires and captivates: the addicting fruity pleasure of raspberries blossoms in the heart of a unique, super-natural and sensual rose. A sensuality exacerbated by the ultra modern and woody notes of akigalawood, with a bright and assertive trail.

Another key ingredient in Angel Nova ? Benzoin. A rare raw material harvested over a thousand meters above sea level, in the ancestral forests of Laos.

The magic tree with scented tears

It soars lightly towards the heavens more than 25 meters above the ground, far from the bustle of cities. Aliboufier, or Styrax tonkinensis, grows between 800 and 1,600 meters above sea level. It is found in Laos, Thailand and northern Vietnam.

After 7 years, when the tree is mature, its bark is incised by hand according to an ancestral practice. It was then that the benzoin resin beaded on its trunk, flowing in scented tears considered since the dawn of time as precious and sacred offerings.

Gradually solidifying in contact with the air, the benzoin tears are harvested six months later, cut off with a cutter and then collected in bamboo baskets by the most agile climbers. They are then cleaned and sorted by size and color in order to assign them the grades associated with their olfactory qualities.

Sweetness and pleasure

An emblematic raw material of fine perfumery, benzoin brings roundness, binder and warmth to the compositions. Generous, suave and subtle at the same time, it carries in its golden tears scents of delicacy with accents of vanilla and almond dragee.

This is what makes him a precious element of sensual chords such as Angel Nova Eau de Parfum . This is also the reason why the trio of MUGLER perfumers at the origin of this genesis selected this voluptuous ingredient: benzoin envelops and gently envelops the notes of raspberry and rose contained in this new star.

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