The secrets of MUGLER COLOGNE, the fragrance of endless possibilities

2001 not only marked the beginning of a new millennium, but also the arrival of a new opus in unisex perfumery: MUGLER COLOGNE. The first unisex fragrance and the third MUGLER creation, the fragrance brilliantly reinterprets the codes of the oldest product in perfumery.

The origins of Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne is the oldest product in perfumery, which according to sources, was created in 1709. Born in Piedmont, Italy, the perfumer Jean-Marie Farina was inspired by Florentine recipes to create a fresh Eau de Vie infused with citrus essences, including bergamot, lemon, orange blossom, neroli and even petitgrain bigarade. After moving to Cologne, he patented his recipe before touring the courts of Europe with this “Eau Admirable” and its healing properties. Associated with a clean and sophisticated men’s Eau de Toilette in the 19th and early 20th century, Eau de Cologne was demoted to a hygiene product in the 1960s. By the end of the millennium, it had lost all of its luxury connotations...until the arrival of MUGLER.

The origins of MUGLER COLOGNE

MUGLER COLOGNE is the only fragrance that Monsieur Mugler has created for himself. Its origins go back to a trip near Laâyoune, Morocco, between Western Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean. As he prepared to take a shower after a sweltering day, he was bothered by the mixture of two scents: the clean lather of the soap in contact with his heated skin. He imagined a cologne in 2001 to relive this experience: a green fragrance that represented a departure from all other creations of its day. It offered a new type of freshness contrasted with the subversive and carnal “S” note to give it energizing sensuality. In 2018, MUGLER expanded its range to provide just as many chromatic as olfactory experiences: Run Free, Fly Away, Take Me Out, Love You All respond to the subversive notes of Come Together.

I created MUGLER COLOGNE as a paradoxical elixir. The fragrance combines universal freshness with a mystery note (the "S" note, as in secret or left to one's imagination...) that exudes carnal, unsettling power, which can attract a man or a woman indiscriminately.
Monsieur Mugler

The origins of the
« S » note

MUGLER COLOGNE Come Together features a traditional base – neroli, petitgrain, bergamot and orange blossom – with the addition of white musk. The “S” note with its secret formula provides this citrus base with a powerful, carnal sensuality. A feat of olfactory expertise, the strength of MUGLER COLOGNE lies in its staying power on the skin: with MUGLER, Eau de Cologne becomes a perfume with a fragrant trail. Like the scent of skin...that stays on the skin.

A perfume inspired by a bottle of water

For its third fragrance, MUGLER takes inspiration from a bottle of water to create a bottle of perfume rather than a spray. A blend of traditions, the bottle has a simple cap rather than a spray tube to allow for splash application through dabbing, like traditional Eaux de Cologne.

Monsieur Mugler wanted it to be a simple object that just makes sense. This is how we came to revisit the very definition of an object’s design: the beauty of function and the function of beauty.
Christophe de Lataillade, MUGLER Fragrances Artistic Director
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