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Model photographed from below glass floor wearing striped tights, cropped black top and black skirt, with long fanned out hair


A collaboration celebrating and championing femininity, confidence, power and glamour. Photographed by Harley Weir, the Jimmy Choo / Mugler campaign exudes energy and strength. Bold, body-conscious silhouettes and sharp accessories fuse with the body of a woman caught in motion, conveying a dynamic energy and esprit. Capturing this unique fusion of dual heritages, the discovery of shared identities and iconographies, it encapsulates the empowerment of women integral to the DNA of both brands.
14 Feb 2022

“Mugler and Jimmy Choo are about strength - our women are strong, glamorous and in-control. Here, our women are literally the centre of every image: they are the stars. That these images are captured by a female photographer also adds an extra dimension - Harley’s work always celebrates femininity, a view of women by a woman. There’s an inherent strength to that, which is very Mugler, and quintessentially Jimmy Choo.”

- Sandra Choi, Creative Director Jimmy Choo

“A shoe finishes the look and defines character. I have always associated Jimmy Choo with a very strong sense of sculpture in shoes, a balance of sharpness and curve. Both Mugler and Jimmy Choo are forward and sensual, and both worn by strong and confident women. That's why this collaboration makes so much sense. There’s a clear synergy between Sandra and I when we work together.”

- Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director Mugler

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