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We are all Angel: celebrate Angel celebrates 30 years of audacious femininity with a magnetic new campaign

A once in a lifetime birthday has arrived: Angel Eau de Parfum turns 30 this year!
Celebrated with a bold new campaign featuring seven inspiring and liberated women, the avant-garde fragrance is about to be the star of the show.
Be prepared, an all-Mugler celebration is about to come your way…

Mugler invites you to discover Angel’s new hero movie starring all these powerful and contemporary muses.
04 Oct 2022

Angel perfume’s 30th: special spokespersons

The celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Mugler’s iconic, groundbreaking Angel will make their debut in October. The perfect occasion to emphasize the “One Mugler” energy and make fashion and beauty finally collide. A time to create a vibrant, inclusive culture and community around a historical date, while injecting fashion’s edginess to fragrances.

Renowned for boundless creativity, Mugler supports strong, magnetic, modern and sensual characters, universal figureheads whose bold visions are shared with the signature fragrances of the house, inspiring everyone to become exactly who they want to be.

For Mugler, fragrance is the art of metamorphosis and Angel represents it perfectly. The Eau de Parfum reveals one’s personality, gives confidence and playfulness, encourages to embrace pleasure, and one’s very own individuality.

As 2022 marks Angel’s 30th, Mugler wants to take this opportunity to celebrate the House as a whole. As Manfred Thierry Mugler once said: “I want to make people dream, put magic in their lives, give them a stage, provoke emotions”. There will be several acts, starting with an exhilarating film gathering friends of the House, models, artists and KOLs all celebrating and embodying the many facets of Angel. So, the brand reunited friends of the house to shoot something very special… that members of the Circle will be the first to discover.

A contemporary and hypnotic campaign

Under the direction of creatives Torso and Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director of Mugler Fashion, the Angel Celebration campaign exudes the fragrance’s sensuality. The perfume’s 30th birthday is the perfect time to bring the brand a collective sense of joy and frenetic energy through different personalities. Symbolizing self-expression, empowerment and the endless possibilities of metamorphosis and pleasure, it very much incarnates the motto of this anniversary: We are all Angel.

Each and every one of Casey’s gang resonates with the Mugler values. Collaborations with the House are durable, long-term and Casey Cadwallader, often refers to each muse as family. All are also strong, bold, daring, confident, empowering individuals. Each is a voice for their community and all seven are inspirations who crave transformation.

Bringing together friends of the House on this occasion, the campaign, embodied by Irina Shayk - Close friend of Manfred Thierry Mugler and Casey Cadwallader - along with six other contemporary figures.

Model in silver cutout dress holding Mugler perfume

Irina Shayk
Close friend of
Manfred Thierry Mugler
and Casey Cadwallader

Model in sleeveless leopard dress by Mugler

Yilan Hua
Chinese actress and model

Angel Eau de Parfum, the iconic star

Kai-Isaiah Jamal
Poet, activist and model
revolutionizing the notion of

Model in silver cutout dress holding Mugler perfume

Jazelle, aka Uglyworldwide
A Gen Z idol

Nina de Lianin
Artist and muse to Manfred Thierry Mugler

Raya Martigny
Model and artist

Ariish Wo
Kharthoum supermodel

A cast as exclusive as inclusive, to celebrate one of the most iconic fragrances.

For 30 years, the Circle has brought together a community of kind, diverse and passionate women, in line with Mugler’s overarching vision.

Join the circle for more exclusive and magnetic content

Join the circle for more exclusive and magnetic content

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