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As the colder temperatures draw in, we pull out our winter coats and heavy boots. But why not also switch up your perfume to better suit the season? Black Friday 2021 is the perfect occasion to discover new fragrance trends and treat yourself with great deals on luxurious Mugler scents.
30 Oct 2021

Indulge in responsible luxury this Black Friday

Sustainability and luxury are the key words when it comes to perfume this winter. We are all about conscious fragrance: high-quality ingredients that have been sourced responsibly for long-lasting scents and the longevity of the planet. You can also save resources by making the most of our refill experience. After finding a fragrance you love, simply refill your bottle in store at the Mugler Fountain or at home. As you look to save in the Black Friday sale, there’s no need to compromise on your core values.

There are also certain olfactory notes you can expect to be a hit on Black Friday 2021. Think sensual notes that relax and energize, woody scents that promote harmony with nature, and bright florals that awaken the senses in time for spring.

Harness the power of sensual gourmand scents

Nothing captures the essence of winter better than the cozy, warming notes of gourmand scents like praline, hazelnut cream and coffee. These bold and confident aromas hold a ertain power, highlighting the sophisticated and sensual side of the wearer. Look out for natural-origin ingredients that are sustainably sourced, such as the Bourbon Vanilla Premium infusion in Mugler’s Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum.

Scents with gourmand undertones are sure to impress, so keep an eye out for a gift set for your friends or partner this holiday shopping season. Or if you’re looking for something new, let Black Friday 2021 be the time you discover your new signature scent.

Embrace the natural world with woody notes

If you don’t want to go all out with heavier winter fragrances, a light yet layered woody scent is the best seasonal pick. We love comforting dry woods such as the sandalwood in Alien Flora Futura or Angel Muse’s elegant vetiver base combined with a touch of smoke for an earthy warmth or the assertive fragrance of leather, as in Alien Man A luxurious woody perfume is the ideal scent to accompany you through a winter’s day and long into the night.

These refined woody aromas strike the perfect balance between masculine sophistication and feminine luxury. That’s why we’ve included them in fragrances in our unisex collection, such as Les Exceptions – Woodissime and Mugler Cologne. To us, there’s no more fitting trend for Black Friday 2021 than unisex olfactory notes that truly reflect diversity and inclusion.

Angel Nova – the feminine scent for the modern woman

Some rather prefer to imbue the coldest season with fresh, bright notes that herald the start of spring. Whether it’s the rich, fruity scent of Sambac Jasmine, as characterizes the iconic Alien Eau de Parfum or Angel Nova’s sweet and intoxicating aroma of rose, these playful perfumes are the best way to boost your mood over the course of the day and transport you to far-flung destinations.

As these floral perfumes draw inspiration from the natural world, we think it’s important to protect the planet in the process. This sale season, commit to refillable scents that save resources, achieving a sense of responsible luxury with long-lasting, high-end fragrance but a low environmental impact.

There’s no denying the universal appeal of these fragrance trends. Yet, the varied range of perfumes provided by combining these notes with different undertones means you can discover your new personal signature. And with the great deals for Black Friday 2021, you don’t want to miss out on the ideal gifts for friends and family, or simply a Christmas treat for yourself!

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