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Zoomed in decolletage and hand holding Mugler Angel eau de parfum bottle

How to apply perfume?

Want to know how-to put-on perfume so that it has the best chance of lasting on your skin?
05 May 2020
Two hands holding Mugler Angel eau de parfum shooting star bottle from top and bottom on blue background with blurry lights

How to make perfume last longer?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help keep your favourite scent on your skin longer, so you can enjoy the sensual smell all day long.
15 Apr 2020
Model with slicked back hair, red lips in a black and tan geometric top

The Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Emphasing eros, the Mugler Collection for Fall Winter 2020 is a seductive evolution of Casey Cadwallader's triumphant, body-positive futurism.
12 Mar 2020
White letters of Mugler acting as shelves holding the fragrance line of products on white background

The Complete Guide to Perfume

A perfume has the power to capture and captivate, veiling you in a tantalising shroud of mystery and effortlessly asserting your personality and femininity.
21 Nov 2019
Mugler fragrance in back pocket of jeans

How to travel with your favorite MUGLER fragrance

The art of wearing perfume doesn’t have to be interrupted during holidays or weekend getaways. Thanks to the new travel sizes, you can take the most beautiful mugler eaux de parfum with you wherever you go.
08 Aug 2019
Bust shot of model wearing mesh cowboy hat and black blazer on red background

The Resort 2020 Collection

Reflecting on the performative facets of the Mugler universe, the Resort 2020 collection by Casey Cadwallader embraces a contemporary view on glamour in dialogue with diverse bodies and characters.
26 Jun 2019

Thierry Mugler : Couturissime

Since 1974, MUGLER has shaped sensual and truly feminine Hollywood figures, brought to life by powerful and unique women. Le Mag invites you to discover up close the faces and private lives of these glamorous celebrities.
14 Mar 2019
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