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Any perfume advice for my daughter ?

Question - by Maggie_Denver Mar 21, 2019

Hi everyone, my teenage daughter is looking for a new perfume, can you help us to find the good one?

6 answers


KTroll May 1, 2019

Never hurts to get the sample set by Mugler.

Bex0904 Apr 2, 2019

Aura is young and fresh why not have her give it a go?

Jamie427 Mar 25, 2019

My daughter loves Alien. It’s s younger scent.

MUGLER team Apr 9, 2019

Hi Maggie, It all depends on the personality and tastes of your daughter. I would recommend the Eau de toilette "Angel Eau Sucrée". Its fresh and sweet smells can be very suitable for a young girl.

Emmy Aug 8, 2019

I have been wearing Alien forever and literally get stopped in the street asking what I’m wearing. Maybe an Eau De Toilette because it can be a little lighter. But the Parfum is beautiful, words don’t do it justice. Aura is another great one. It goes on a little woody but transforms into a crisp (I think of rain and grass and sweetness). The fragrance pens are a great pocket friendly way to try out the fragrance. Hope this helps!

Cati Sep 10, 2019

Aura EDT, Alien Extraordinaire, Alien Eau Sublime and maybe even the new Angel EDT would be great for a teenager! I used to occasionally wear the EDP in my teens, but it is probably too strong to use regularly in a classroom environment.