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Perfume Consulting

Way to perfume myself

Question - by Amelia Mar 21, 2019

Hello everyone! Do you know where I need to perfume so that it lasts all day?

11 answers


MUGLER team Apr 9, 2019

Hello Amelia, Perfume is an art, and to reveal all the personality of a Mugler perfume, the good habits to take for the perfume to spread its wake throughout the day are: - Spray the perfume in front of you, in cloud, before crossing it, so that it leaves its imprint on your skin and your clothes. - Place a drop of the precious perfume, without rubbing it, in the hair - on the roots if they are short, on the tips if they are long - inside the wrists, inside the elbows, behind the knees, in the hollow of the breasts ...Wherever you feel your heart beat. With the exception, however, areas that could be exposed to the sun. - Perfume your clothes: The clothes are also very good perfume sensors, especially when they are made of natural materials Be careful, your sense of smell gets used to your fragrance. To avoid saturating it, spray moderately, in the right place and with the right gesture.

lavrose Apr 30, 2019

From Lavrose: Here's a little d.i.y: Wood is a natural fixative. To scent your bureau drawers, just spray or rub(With a cotton ball your favorite EDP on the bottom of each drawer where the wood is raw and not shellacked. Do a few at a time and allow to dry. With time you will begin to notice that clothing you remove from the scented drawers will take on a lovely scent. If youscent the outside bottom of the drawers, it will not stain your clothing. You can toss the remaining cotton ball in your vacuum cleaner bag--hope you enjoy!

LetsTawk Apr 8, 2019

I always layer with perfume body lotion first, then spray. Also try spraying the inside of your elbows and the top of your shoulders and decolletage. Wherever the neckline of your clothing exposes your skin. The warmth of your body heat will enhance the scent and make it linger through the whole day and night.

XdashLydia Aug 25, 2019

I agree with Letstawk about layering and the inside of elbows is indeed a good place to perfume. Wrists, neck, backs of knees, behind the ears - any pulse points - and décolletage are all good places. While I have tried the walk-through-the-spray technique, it does not work for me and I cannot recommend it - to me, it is wasteful and inefficient: who wouldn't want to enjoy every precious drop of Angel?

crmerwin Mar 29, 2019

I always spray all around my neck & also my wrists. I like to be able to smell the lovely scent on my wrists all day long & whenever I please.

Cati Sep 10, 2019

There are two parts to this equation. One is being able to still smell yourself, which is avoiding becoming noseblind. Noseblindness is basically when your brain blocks out sensory information from your nose because a scent is strong and constantly present. For example, Muglers tend to be pretty strong, but sometimes I can't smell myself because my sense of smell has adapted to the perfume and effectively ignores it. The best way to avoid this is to make sure wherever you spray perfume is farther from your nose, so it has to waft towards it and you get to catch whiff of scent instead of a constant flow of scent. Avoid the chest/neck/decolletage, since these are right under your nose and it's easier to become noseblind. So, try your inner elbows, back of your neck, and even stomach under your clothes. DO NOT spray directly on hair, since these are drying-alcohol based and repeated use will absolutely damage your hair. The second part is in part reliant on your skin chemistry and the perfume. The usual- EDP lasts longer than EDT, etc, in addition to some people's skin just absorbing scents much faster than others. Staying hydrated can help keep this effect at bay. Dose matters, so with EDTs you may be able to get away with two sprays. Again, Muglers tend to run strong, so please do not overspray them, especially the EDP or parfum strength options, as they may make you noseblind but everyone else will be left gasping. You can also prime your skin with lotion, vaseline, jojoba/grapeseed oil, or perfume fixatives, of which there are a few on the market. Whatever works best on you.

Jamie427 Mar 25, 2019

I spray in front of me and walk through the mist. I also layer with lotion.

KTroll May 1, 2019

The perfume depends on the weather and body temperature. Layering is a good options. Use the dab samples for hot points like wrist and neck. Spray on clothes. I use hair mist for hair.

Bex0904 Apr 2, 2019

I agree with Jamie427 and Crmerwin, try layering your perfume your perfume with a lotion or go for the triple technique and start with a shower with a matching body wash, lotion and then walk through the spray of perfume. Best of luck!

Sunsetter Dec 27, 2019

Pulse points. Inside elbows, back of knees, back of ears, or simply use on clothing instead of body--it soaks into the fabric, while skin does not absorb. Back to pulse points though with clothing--back of knees, etc, etc This was the best advice given to me over the years and has worked well for me. Happy scenting!

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