Savory-sweet femininity

Womanity is a perfume conceived as a link, a positive energy flowing through all types of femininity.

Multifaceted women

Women are one of Thierry Mugler's main sources of inspiration. In 2010, the designer provided the world with a new vision of them. He saw his entourage and female colleagues as plural, changing, paradoxical women: casual yet relevant, intelligent yet alluring, offbeat yet sensual, charismatic yet sensitive.

Of course, they were multifaceted, but they shared a single connection: the same positive energy and spontaneity, the same humanity... A unique bond which joins an entire community: this is Womanity.


The fragrance and women

« For me, femininity evokes wholeness.
A sweet-savory accord immediately came to mind. ».
Thierry Mugler dreamed of combining these
two contradictory yet complementary notes.
It was a challenge that became
a unique and plural reality.

  • Sweet brightness Sun-ripened fig: molecular extraction recreates this accord to perfection. The fruitiness of its pulp, the sweetness of its juice... Radiance and sensuality.
  • Savory insolence The same method and respect were used to harvest the scent of caviar, revealing troubling, almost animal marine aromas. Sharp and alluring.
  • Elegance of woody notes This is Thierry Mugler's signature, the link that connects all of his fragrances. Here, fig tree wood and leaves reveal elegant, sophisticated notes. Self-imposing.

The Womanity bottle, a totem

A delicate rose, a symbol of femininity and seduction. A glass bottle – a sign of prominence. A metal jewel that serves as a link between the past and the future. An iconic face that is the guiding figure for an entire community. The Womanity bottle resounds with strength.



It would be undignified to discard a Womanity bottle.
Thierry Mugler took inspiration from old-fashioned perfume fountains to create the Source, where the precious glass and metal Womanity bottle can be
refilled with a flourish.

Discover the Source
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