A paradoxical fragrance

In their memory, the designer created a fragrance that unites the past and the future. It is a familiar yet innovative scent; energizing and fresh, sensual yet tenacious. It is a unique and dual creation that allures women and appeals to men. A blended vision by Mugler in every sense.

Beyond time

Cologne first originated with “miracle waters” produced between the 14th and 17th centuries. The healing powers of these waters, their production secrets and the covetousness that surrounded them constituted the stuff of legends and were the secrets to their reputation. Now they have served as a source of inspiration for Thierry Mugler.


The fragrance and its sensations

Mugler Cologne makes a bold impression through its freshness and its intoxicating alchemy. It reveals notes that are familiar yet unsettling, intense yet subtle, invigorating yet sensual. It is a source of emotions and sensations, which are guided by two principles.

  • 1st sensation: Invigorating/Energizing A sensation of light and energizing green and citrus notes. For Thierry Mugler, these notes are reminiscent of a traditional Eau de Cologne, pure, simple, clean and fresh.
  • 2nd sensation: Sensual/Sweet Simultaneously elegant and seductive. White musk reflects the natural scent of the skin, balancing the fragrance with sensual warmth.

The signature bottle

The bottle is an energizing green color with sleek curved lines and a futuristic seal. The Mugler Cologne bottle embodies the unique sensual freshness of its fragrance to perfection.

Mugler Cologne

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