Angel Muse

The new fragrance addiction you will #HateToLove
" To compare, you could say that ANGEL Eau de Parfum is the star, while ANGEL Muse orbits around the star and revolves as if around a galaxy "
Christophe de Lataillade,
Creative Director for MUGLER fragrance

THE BOTTLE A breakthrough "Cosmic pebble"

The original ANGEL Bottle symbolizes a sculpted femininity:
a blue Star in the ANGEL galaxy, topped with a silver crown.
ANGEL Muse personifies a new MUGLER facet, made of tantalizing sweetness. A delicate pink stone encased in soft curves, outlined in bold metal...
A crystal heart subtly stamped with the iconic ANGEL Star…

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THE FRAGRANCE A disruptive delicacy

In 1992, Thierry Mugler imagined ANGEL, a fragrance never experienced before: ANGEL was the first "Gourmand" fragrance. Today, it is still as inspiring as it was then. Like ANGEL in its time, ANGEL Muse is disrupting the Gourmand territory; it is a vibrant blend, where sweetness meets a sensual mystery...
An explosive hazelnut cream and vetiver. It is the very first “Gourmand Vetiver”, a perfect balance between:

Subtle, soft and smooth, yet dangerously irresistible… an overdose of hazelnut cream that is both alluring and enticing

Magnetism with vetiver delivers a distinctive vibration that grazes the skin with essence and timeless elegance.

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Angel Muse Perfume

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