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Mugler Cologne

The scent of endless possibilities

MUGLER’s original cologne paves the way for a range of new thrilling sensations.
Wear your cologne alone or combine MUGLER COLOGNE to create your very own scent.

Mix. Create. Play.

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MUGLER Cologne is fresh and intoxicating, with light and energizing green and citrus notes. The cologne evokes traditional eau de cologne with its pure fresh scent. But while drawing from the past, MUGLER Cologne is resolutely of the future. Simultaneously elegant and seductive, this innovative cologne perfume balances the crisp sparkle of traditional men’s cologne with a white musk, making it freshly familiar yet sensually unsettling and tenacious. Discover the surprising MUGLER Cologne gift set. Because of its duality, this unique creation can be worn as a men's perfumes as well as a women's perfume. Available in a signature bottle with sleek curved lines to refill again and again and again.