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With Womanity, MUGLER expresses the contemporary idea of life in network, of women in all their rich diversity and variety, and of women’s energy and creative force. Womanity, whose facets reflect the infinite expressions of womankind, is a unique fragrance, at once savory, sweet, and woody, with notes of the audacious and unexpected.

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Womanity perfume
Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume


Womanity celebrates an urban, vision of femininity, “the link, the positive energy that flows through each and every woman”. It indulges the many faces of womanhood – from the sweet to the savory, the sensitive to the laidback, classic and edgy. It celebrates female intuition and the connection between women – the positive energy and humanity of women everywhere.

Womanity perfume


A chiseled glass totem, this accessorized cherished bottle with deliciously feminine curves is adorned with a precious chain and ring – symbols of the bond between all women.

The simplicity of a recyclable fine glass bottle allows you to easily refill your perfume to give it new life.


The Womanity bottle can be refilled in a flash. A responsible ritual that allows you to endlessly give new life to your favorite fragrance. Practical, eco-friendly, and always chic.

Join The Circle, the best way to indulge your addiction and dive into a magical universe of exclusive privileges.

Women inspire MUGLER, and Mr. MUGLER returned the favor in creating Womanity perfume. With its savory-sweet scent, Womanity women's perfume embodies MUGLER’s vision of women and their multiple facets: casual and relevant, intelligent and alluring, offbeat and sensual, charismatic and sensitive. MUGLER’s Womanity perfume and Womanity Liqueur de parfum are fittingly encapsulated in a glass bottle symbolizing feminine seduction, and above all, women's ability to unify, join forces and build a strong community together. Womanity perfume is endlessly refillable at the Womanity Source.