Les Exceptions - Cuir Impertinent Scented Candle

Create the perfect ambiance at home with the unique scent of Cuir Impertinent! Handcrafted in keeping with waxmaking tradition, Cuir Impertinent scented candles will give a disruptive, addictive and sensual finishing touch to your interiors.

Fragrance notes: leather, star anise, green note

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Red Carpet

Les Exceptions - Cuir Impertinent

Les Exceptions - Cuir Impertinent

Rediscover all the elegance and sophistication of the Cuir Impertinent candle on your skin with the Eau de Parfum that inspired it, and its woody-leather notes that pay tribute to Siberian horseback rides and Russian leathers. Cuir Impertinent releases the addictive, carnal fragrance of leather invigorated with an aromatic flash of star anise. One of six fragrances from the Mugler Les Exceptions Haute Parfumerie collection.

5.0 out of 5
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