MUGLER Cologne Run Free Eau de Toilette

RUN FREE is an intense Cologne with a dashing purple ginger and a vibrant Akigalawood®.
An innovative and bold olfactory composition. Twisted by the secret "D" note, RUN FREE unleashes an electric desire for freedom and the infinite.

Fragrance family
Woody Cologne

A sensation…
A breath of freedom to defy the unknown… for an electrifying sensation

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MUGLER Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette

MUGLER Cologne Come Together Eau de Toilette

COME TOGETHER, the original cult MUGLER Cologne stands at the heart of the collection. An intense cologne with a disruptive blend of green petitgrain and white musk. The carnal and sexy freshness of a seductive sensuality. Twisted by the secret “S” note, COME TOGETHER distills an eruption of explosive pleasure all over the body.

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