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Five Mugler Colognes arranged in color order with metallic background

MUGLER COLOGNE, the perfect fragrance for summer and beyond

23 Aug 2019


With the summer vacations and the long-awaited warm weather approaching, our skin craves fresh aromas... Virtually forgotten by the world of perfumery, MUGLER has revisited the Cologne, creating fresh and elegant unisex fragrances.

The MUGLER COLOGNE collection is the perfect example of this olfactory reinterpretation: five new scents with freshness that can be playfully mixed or used individually. These refreshing fragrances feature new ingredients such as white amber, shiso leaf, orange blossom, citrus, ginger, musk and petitgrain. Summer becomes the perfect time to discover new olfactory horizons..


Monsieur Mugler found the inspiration for “his” Cologne during a trip to Morocco. While scrubbing his flushed skin with soap, he was overtaken by a surge of freshness: the scent of cleanliness blending with his sweaty skin. MUGLER COLOGNE, is this thrilling and refreshing union between petitgrain and white musk. A fresh, sexy and unforgettable encounter on the skin.

The Come Together MUGLER COLOGNE reinterprets the codes of freshness in the form of a unisex Eau de Toilette that’s ready to mingle.

Come Together
Family: Green Cologne
Overdosed notes: green petitgrain, white musk


A bottle of Mugler Come Together cologne

Come Together
Family: Green Cologne
Overdosed notes: green petitgrain, white musk

A bottle of Mugler Take Me Out cologne

Take Me Out
Family: Floral Cologne
Overdosed notes: orange blossom and shiso leaf

A bottle of Mugler Love You All cologne

Love You All
Family: Amber Cologne
Overdosed notes: white amber, blue licorice accord

A bottle of Mugler Fly Away cologne

Fly Away
Family: Aromatic Cologne
Overdosed notes: yellow grapefruit, hemp accord

A bottle of Mugler Run Free cologne

Run Free
Family: Woody Cologne
Overdosed notes: purple ginger, Akigalawood®


MUGLER COLOGNE is a collection in which everything blends together: the smells of endless possibilities. At the heart of this expertise: layering, or the art of mixing fragrances according to your desires.

Mix and match the colognes to continue your fragrance with new waves of freshness…

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