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Caroline - a woman interviewed about Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette

Caroline and alien eau de parfum

08 Apr 2020


Le Circle Mag continues to tell the story of Rojin, Caroline, and Pauline’s extraordinary day during the MUGLER and @Make_My_Beauty. collaboration. Thanks to a contest launched on the Make My Beauty Instagram account, three winners have been selected to embody the MUGLER woman and experience an unforgettable day, immortalised by the photographer Benjamin Taguemont. Meet Caroline.


A multidisciplinary artist, Caroline was attracted by the creative spirit of MUGLER. For her, the brand represents self-assured, independent women who are both sexy and intelligent.
For the last several years, her Alien fragrance has been by her side in both her everyday life and on stage. Like a talisman, it brings her luck and boosts her confidence. During this unforgettable experience, the 39-year-old rediscovered herself. Lavishly showcased by the entire team, she feels more beautiful and powerful than ever, relishing in a timeless experience.

Inside the Circle: Hi, Caroline!
Caroline: Hello!
Inside the Circle: Thanks for participating in the Alien experience.
Caroline: Thank you.
Inside the Circle: Can you introduce yourself?
Caroline: Well, I’m many things! I'm a bit of an artistic Swiss army knife. On the one hand, I'm a classical singer. I sing opera, operettas; I’ve also been singing in musicals since I was about 25 years old.
Inside the Circle: And how old are you now?
Caroline: I’ll be 39 at the end of December [2019]. I'm also a children’s author for books released by publishers in both France and abroad. I'm also – and I have to say this because it's a huge part of my life – a mother to two wonderful children. I’ve also recently been writing screenplays, so I’ve been dabbling a bit more into the film world. I think that just about sums up all of my different facets.
Inside the Circle: What have you performed in recently?
Caroline: Recently I played the role of Pepi in Strauss’s Sang Viennois. Right now, I'm in an operetta by Lopez called La Route Fleurie. I'm also performing in a pasticcio by Offenbach called Les Folies d’Offenbach at the Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris. I have some other more personal projects going on, like a performance of some forest melodies alongside a reading of one of my children's books, which I'm doing specially for the little ones in schools and at book fairs. There are other projects, and then I have more planned for next year.
Inside the Circle: Lots of great projects! What does the MUGLER brand mean to you?
Caroline: For me, the MUGLER brand embodies a self-assured, independent femininity. I would say sexy, but also intelligent. It's a brand that truly boasts an artistic side. When I think of MUGLER, I think of stage costumes, of performance, and that especially means a lot to me, because I obviously come from an entertainment background. For me, it’s a brand that represents all of that.
Inside the Circle: What is your relationship with your fragrance, Alien?
Caroline: I would say I'm a bit dependent on it. In fact, when I forget to put it on and I finally realise it, it’s as if I’d forgotten my keys. I don't feel right. I'm kind of attached to my perfume, clearly. It's a fragrance that makes me feel sure of myself. It’s a scent I believe I started to wear when I began to have more confidence, when I felt a bit more feminine; I’d say when I was around 35 years old. It was a period in my life when I really started to be at ease with who I was. So that’s what it means to me. Before that, I wore Angel when I was much younger. I must have been 16 when I discovered that perfume. For me, Angel was an incredible discovery because you really feel like all of the senses intermingle. I don’t know if you know what synaesthesia is. Those who have it perceive things with all of their senses. Or maybe not all of them; it could be two or three that come together. But with Angel, I feel like all of the senses intermix: of course the sense of smell, but also taste, because it has those very gourmand notes; and then sight, of course—the fragrance is an absolute beauty! The bottle is magnificent. Then I would even say your sense of hearing, because it has this crystalline aspect that almost whispers in your ear. It truly engages all the senses. And I would also even say the sixth sense, because by the very name itself – Angel – we have this imaginary universe, something esoteric that goes beyond us.
Inside the Circle: Whether it’s the fragrance or the bottle, when you come back to your current fragrance, Alien, what does it evoke for you?
Caroline: It's as if I’d moved onto another phase. For example, when I go on stage, I can’t do without my perfume. If I forget it, I go backstage to my dressing room to put it on, because for me it embodies a self-assured woman. Even the bottle reminds me of a stage costume, someone with a cape that’s about to step on stage. It’s like a talisman; something that brings me luck when I perform.
Inside the Circle: When you're on the stage, your audience doesn’t smell your perfume. Does this mean that it's something personal?
Caroline: Of course! It’s my rabbit’s foot, let's say. My lucky charm.
Inside the Circle: What does the fragrance call to mind? How does Alien make you feel?
Caroline: It’s something very sensual, much more so than Angel, which is a fragrance for young women, in my opinion. Alien is truly a scent for an accomplished, fulfilled woman, I'd say. It has that note of jasmine that’s completely entrancing, as well as an oriental, amber facet— I have some Asian ancestry, so it resonates with me. A sensual woman, that’s what comes to mind.
Inside the Circle: So that’s what it brings to mind!
Caroline: Yes! That's why I feel so good when I wear it.
Inside the Circle: Thank you so much. And how was your day of transformation into a MUGLER woman?
Caroline: It was a timeless experience.
Inside the Circle: What pushed you to accept?
Caroline: When I entered the contest, I said to myself “it's such an extraordinary contest, there’s no way I’m going to win.” But I must be lucky, I don’t know.
Inside the Circle:We’re thrilled to have chosen you!
Caroline: I'm so not used to being pampered at this point in my life, so it was pure luxury. I had my make-up, hair and nails done and had my clothes styled. I had one dress—I never would have expected to wear a dress that shows my body off so much. I discovered a different part of me when I put on that dress. It was truly an incredible moment and I want to thank you for that.
Inside the Circle: Thank you for entering the contest! Last question: how did you feel in that MUGLER dress and jewellery?
Caroline: Like when I wear my perfume: completely feminine. Of course, every day I can’t wear dresses as magnificent as that one, but I immediately felt at ease. Like myself.
Inside the Circle: And that dress was quite daring.
Caroline: Of course. It really accentuates my curves; it was a great choice. It was also the very sculptural aspect of the dress that I loved. It obviously highlights my chest, but I really loved those little cut-outs on the side of the bust.
Inside the Circle: A real star.
Caroline: OYes, I felt like a star today. It gave me so much self-confidence. Thank you so much.
Inside the Circle: Thank you.
Caroline: Thank you MUGLER !
Come back soon to learn more about the unforgettable day of our third winner. Until then, (re)discover the Alien Eau de Parfum universe.

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