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Make my Beauty contest winner, Rojin, with Mugler Angel bottle held over her face with makeup done by artists

Rojin and angel eau de parfum

11 Feb 2020


Driven by its limitless creativity, the MUGLER Maison has partnered with @Make_My_Beauty created by professional makeup artists Alexandra Bonelli and Nelly Chatagnon, to offer a unique experience to its most loyal customers. Thanks to a contest game launched on the Make My Beauty Instagram account, three winners have been selected to embody the MUGLER woman and experience an unforgettable day, immortalized by the photographer Benjamin Taguemont.

Made over by Alexandra and Nelly and enhanced by MUGLER, the lucky winners Rojin, Caroline and Pauline shine with beauty. Their favorite Angel Eau de Parfum, Alien Eau de Parfum and Angel Eau de Toilette fragrances join them throughout their experience, revealing their unique personalities. Behind the scenes interviewed them all after this day of transformation. Meeting the first of the winners: Rojin.


Bold and daring are two words that come to Rojin’s mind when she thinks about the MUGLER universe. For this 21-year-old student, MUGLER is primarily an attitude that we must dare to have and take responsibility for. A luxury product that makes her feel good.

This unique vision perfectly reflects her choice of fragrance: Angel Eau de Parfum.

The first winner, Rojin shines like a star in front of the photographer’s camera. It’s a dream that has become reality. An encounter.



Behind the scenes: Hello Rojin !
Rojin : Hello!
BTS : So, who are you?
Rojin : I’m Rojin, I’m 21 and I’m a management student. I’m trying to become a young woman. In life I’m passionate about beauty and anything to do with cosmetics. I follow all the latest trends that come out and I always try to keep up to date with them.
BTS : So, you love to stay on-trend?
Rojin : Yes exactly!
BTS : What does the MUGLER brand represent to you?
Rojin : For me, MUGLER means being bold. You have dare to wear. You have to have an attitude and character that matches it. That’s what I think.
BTS : Daring and character…
Rojin : Yes exactly!
BTS : How are you reflected within the MUGLER universe?
Rojin : I find it unique, disconnected from all the others and yet simple at the same time. That could correspond to anyone and at the same time it’s a privilege to be able to wear MUGLER.
BTS : Thank you! Today you’re wearing Angel Eau de Parfum.
Rojin : Yes!
BTS : What’s your connection to this fragrance and the star?
Rojin : I immediately feel confident when I wear it. Having this indulgent and fascinating scent also reminds me of my own Eastern origins.
BTS : How has the day been, this experience, transformation and almost metamorphosis into a MUGLER woman? What has been your best moment?
Rojin : Actually, it’s been a real kind of metamorphosis because if I take a before and after photo...
BTS : There will be one!
Rojin : It was an amazing day. I didn't expect to have such a great experience. Going through all these stages, becoming someone else and feeling fulfilled in what I've's an incredible feeling!
BTS : What was your favorite part about wearing MUGLER?
Rojin : I felt really comfortable. MUGLER is a luxury brand but at the same time, when you wear it, no matter where you come from it feels great. You don't feel uncomfortable, it’s like you don't “belong” to the clothes you're wearing. In the end, it’s like the fragrance: there's that sense of belonging right away when it’s on you.
BTS : Thank you Rojin!
Rojin : I have to thank everybody because it was a great team. I had a really good time and if I had the chance to relive it I would gladly do it again. Thank you MUGLER!

See you soon to learn more about the unforgettable days of our two other Mugler customers. Until then, (re)discover the Angel Eau de Parfum universe.

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