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Cosmic Mother's Day – Which fragrance for her?

This year more than ever, after being apart for so long, it is time to celebrate Mother’s day by providing your mom with the perfect mother’s day gift. A sweet act of kindness, to show her how much you care about her and how you know her like on one else. A perfume. Spot on. A sweet, delicate, intimate attention. A personalized gift to convey her unique personality.
For Mother’s day 2021, find the perfect gift for your mom by choosing among our wide collection of MUGLER perfumes. The creator of strong and bold fragrances, MUGLER is here to compliment your mom’s personality.
06 May 2021
Angel Eau de Parfum

Angel Eau de Parfum by MUGLER: the perfect gourmand fragrance for your mom

Often paired with sweet scents or oriental trails for more punch, the Gourmand fragrance family is an invitation to sensuality and beyond. A gourmand fragrance both captures and captivates. Opulent and sophisticated, a Gourmand scent stands out in a crowd: you will never go unnoticed. A blend of indulgent praline (ethyl maltol) and patchouli over a vanilla base, Angel Eau de Parfum by MUGLER is perfect for women who want to leave their mark behind (and if your mom has a sweet tooth!).

Alien Eau de Parfum

Alien Eau de Parfum by MUGLER: a luminous scent for your mother

Amber fragrances veil women in a shroud of mystery. An amber accord is an olfactory construction that can be interpreted and combined in thousands of ways: its warm notes, balsamic inflections, and oriental facets unveil the sophistication of your fragrant signature. A luminous scent “par excellence”, Alien Eau de Parfum by MUGLER alternately reveals radiant notes of Sambac jasmine and mysterious notes of Cashmeran wood, with an enveloping finish of indulgent white amber, musky and soft like white mohair. Your mom won’t resist its perfect combination of amber, woody, and floral aromas.

Angel Nova

Angel Nova Eau de Parfum by MUGLER : a dreamy fragrance for your mom

Angel Nova by MUGLER is an innovative, addictive fragrance. An inspiring Eau de Parfum that combines an addictive fruity scent with a supernatural rose and vibrant woody notes: the Damask rose with its fresh, fruity and slightly lemony notes. It’s the perfume every mom’s dreams are made of, both sweet and bold, to make one’s dream come true.

Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette

Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette by MUGLER : the newest Angel addiction for your mom

The new Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette by MUGLER takes us to a parallel universe of pleasurable excess. Uninhibited, ultra exoticism clashes with extreme freshness in a fantastic shock. Hot and cold blend in an unreal contrast that is totally enticing and addictive. Like crystal-clear frozen water, the coconut flows gently against juicy pineapple in a sensorial facet. Then, addictive and enticing, notes of praline instantly blend with the patchouline’s warmth, the signature of Angel. A new epic journey to embark your mom on new horizons, between dream and fantasy.

With all these magical attentions and countless options, no doubt you will make your mom feel special on this Mother’s day. To double the pleasure and minimize the risk, you can also celebrate Mother’s Day the Cosmic way with our addictive fragrances expertly selected in our unique gift sets. And to make everyone happy, don’t forget to plan ahead Father’s day, we have great gifts for your dad too!
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