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Perfuming, an ode to proper technique
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Perfuming, an ode to proper technique

  - Fragrances  

Staying enveloped in your Angel, Alien or Womanity fragrance throughout the day. A dream? No, reality! That is, if you use the Thierry Mugler approach. Ladies, your attention please.

1. First,

apply to skin a moisturizing milk or cream scented with your favorite fragrance. This creates a longer-lasting scent.

2. Then,

spray a light cloud of perfume in front of you and walk through it, leaving a scent on your skin and clothing.
To review: one, layering; two, cloud crossing. Wait, we haven't finished yet!

3. To finish,

add a drop of this precious perfume - without ever rubbing! - into your hair. Apply to the roots if you have short hair and to the ends if you have long hair.
Add a dab to your wrists, to your inner elbows, behind your knees, into the depths of your cleavage...
Wherever you can feel your heart beating, with the exception of areas that may be exposed to the sun, which risk spotting.

From time to time, think of adding a bit of perfume to your clothing, especially items in natural fibers. Scarves and coats are an obvious choice; but consider scenting your lingerie, sheets, or a handkerchief tucked into your handbag, too.

Keep in mind that your sense of smell will become accustomed to your fragrance. Be sure not to saturate it: mist with moderation, to the right area and using the right approach.

Remember to let charm work its magic!

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