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Grand Bi (High Wheeler), the new cycle.
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Grand Bi (High Wheeler), the new cycle.

  - So Mugler  

The Mugler Studio is at it again,
in full swing.

After the Muglermobile, which was created in 2007, Mugler is bringing back the Grand Bi.
No joke: this unusual project has yielded a retro-futuristic version of an ancestor of the bicycle.

Think back to the awkward structure of giant and tiny wheels paired together that was all the rage among the haute bourgeoisie of the late 19th century. The Mugler design team has completely redesigned this odd contraption. But its inadvertent falls, loss of control and pump strokes are all things of the past...

In case of an emergency, the Grand Bi stops on a dime thanks to its disc brakes. Have a fear of falling? An electromagnetic balance aid keeps you secure in your seat.
Tired of pedaling? An electric motor allows you to climb hills and trek across flat stretches effortlessly. Want to see the world and be seen? Its autonomous LED lights provide excellent visibility. It also offers an incredible view and is stylish, sleek, unique and sculptural...

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