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Liqueurs de Parfums: The 2013 creations up close
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Liqueurs de Parfums: The 2013 creations up close

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Thierry Mugler is head over heels for new olfactory experiences. Take his Liqueurs de Parfums for example: a blending, once again, of worlds and talents. Limited editions have been created from this collision between Haute Perfumerie and luxury spirits. By combining perfumer expertise with that of coopers and cellar masters, the brand's leading fragrances have developed into intoxicating smoky aromas for 2013, inspired by traditional spirit-making traditions. These versions of Angel, Alien, Womanity and A*Men thus reveal notes of liqueur, toasted aromas and candied fruit.

Is your mouth watering yet? Prepare yourself for the ultimate satisfaction... For each of the four 2013 Liqueurs de Parfums, Thierry Hernandez, Director of Le Bar du Plaza Athénée in Paris, has created a customized cocktail to celebrate the brand's major events.

For Angel Liqueur de Parfum, Hernandez has started with a fine cognac with subtle aromas. He has then added butterscotch liqueur, amaretto, crème fraîche, white cocoa and vanilla for added indulgence, a touch of blue curaçao and of course, a few drops of patchouli, Angel's signature note.

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For Womanity Liqueur de Parfum, he has started with a lively, rich and complex gin, married with sweet and juicy red fruits to which Turkish rose essence is added.

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For Alien Liqueur de Parfum, he has incorporated the harmony and delicacy of dark rum, the sensuality of Grand Marnier, the velvety sweetness of apricot and passion fruit juices and the almond notes of a splash of orgeat syrup. These creations were born from the desire to surprise and incite emotion...Simply intoxicating.

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