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A*Men celebrates its 20th anniversary
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A*Men celebrates its 20th anniversary

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  1. 1996

    Mr. Mugler launches A*MEN, his first fragrance for men. It is an audacious "Oriental Woody Robust" scent with powerful masculinity and refined sensuality, that of a determined man, who draws upon his inner strength to release his conquering spirit and relish for challenge. A half-god who embodies a hero as timeless as he is futuristic. Like a lucky star, the fragrance has been reinterpreted in a range of Pure Saga flankers and fragrances, with each as successful as the last.

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    A*Men is reborn, stronger than ever before, with a new graphic identity to lead the way. It showcases a vision of Mr. Mugler's that came to him long before the adventures of superheroes were depicted in cinema. A mysterious hero seems to emerge from out of the depths of the Earth, an ultraman inspired by comic books from the 1950s (the Silver Surfer in particular). A blend of legend and reality, the present and the future, he possesses a human face and hands, yet his body is sculpted out of metal. A mythological and futuristic hybrid creature who is half-man and half-robot. The fragrance transforms him: he becomes the creator of a new world in which anything is possible. The dream of every man. A*Men, going beyond fragrance...

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  2. At the time, the A*Men graphic identity was very avant-garde, almost an alien of its day. Mr. Mugler's aesthetic vision, which was then considered controversial, has become a style reference that fits in perfectly with today's aesthetic codes.

    Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director of the Clarins Fragrance Group

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