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5 MUGLER Nuances
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5 MUGLER Nuances

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MUGLER's Haute Parfumerie finds harmony in excess, using the finest ingredients, innovative combinations and carefully controlled exuberance. Taking inspiration from fashion, it submerges itself in a world of bold and bright colors. Rich tones make strong symbolic statements, and an unmistakably MUGLER scent gives these fragrances identity.

Angel Blue

Blue breathes and inspires. Celestial and
light, it lifts mind and body towards
the infinite, towards imagination, and towards spirituality and
solace. Dark and deep, it quietly asserts its
power. The Angel design plays on
this duality, depicting a woman
shrouded in blue, simultaneously cosmic
and victorious.

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Alien Purple

Purple brings together red, the color of
fire and life, and blue, symbol of the
heavens and infinity. Between life and
immortality, it is all about mystery
and divine power. Amethyst, the stone
of wisdom and strength, purifying and
protective, is a true reflection of this
Alien and its solar goddess reflect this
too, between myth and reality, the unknown
and the light.

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A*Men Black

Black represents mourning, the night.
Preludes to renaissance, to light.
Because it is part of our cycle of life,
black has a mystical dimension: that
of resurrection. A*Men reflects this journey of
initiation, through the image of the
superhuman emerging from the void,
created to defy time. Its bottle
is a deep black.

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Womanity Pink

Pink - a subtle blend of red and
white - is the perfect symbol of true femininity.
Graceful and feminine, it lavishes its
warmth on the world. Fresh and fertile, it
revitalizes Nature, bringing new life.
This positive energy, this delicate
footprint, inspires the Womanity fragrance.
We see the world through a new lens.
Rose-tinted, of course.

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Cologne Green

Green brings color to nature, rich with
sap, and through it, with life. Like grass
in spring, regaining its vitality and
freshness after a long winter sleep,
green embodies stimulation, momentum,
new energy and freshness. The
very inspiration behind Mugler Cologne.

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I like paradoxical colors. Those that have the power to
simultaneously evoke innocence and temptation, strength and
fragility. It is this ambiguity that makes them unique.

Thierry Mugler

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