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The ultimate MUGLER icon, the star is a signature.
The anatomy of a symbol.

Strange and alluring, the MUGLER star is unmistakable, as singular as it is unusual. Just like the MUGLER woman, the star is beautiful and multifaceted.

As a child, Thierry Mugler gazed at the night sky to face his dreams and idols. His stars were named Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and Liz Taylor. Later, the model Dauphine de Jerphanion introduced herself during a casting, sporting a star tattooed on her shoulder. This was the moment aesthetic inspiration struck. The creator chose her as a muse and the star as a symbol, perhaps even a lucky charm. De Jerphanion posed for him on the roof of the famous Opéra de Paris, wearing a long deep blue shawl, discreetly designed with stars as golden as the statues on the opera roof and as the model’s hair. Ornate and architectural, Thierry Mugler used the star as the only decoration in his iconic photographs, and it is placed throughout all his creations.

In 1992, the creation of the fragrance Angel saw its bottle carved into the shape of a star. The shape took the form of glass. The designer Jean-Jacques Urcun constructed it with five extended, asymmetrical branches: a universal yet distinctive shape, modern yet timeless - synonymous with the infinite. The bottle became iconic, and the MUGLER signature was born. Precise and geometric, the star punctuated the ready-to-wear collections, engraved the metallic caps of the fragrances, and was printed on the glass of the bottles, available however desired. The star became a brooch, was embroidered and cut out; divided and broken up; it was the source of all inspiration and subject to endless variations, a true emblem of the brand.

The symbol of MUGLER creation.

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