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10 facts you may not know about A*Men
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10 facts you may not know about A*Men

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  1. A 100% Thierry Mugler fragrance

    Childhood memories, futuristic visions, mystical inspirations, cosmic projections, an awakening to tales and legends... A*Men draws its strength from the richness of the artist's universe, which includes his many talents, his multi-faceted personality and his personal references.

  2. The Silver Surfer inspiration

    This Marvel super hero was at the heart of the founding vision for A*Men. Half-man and half-god, he embodies the A*Men momentum, the inner strength that allows him to overcome all obstacles and reveal the hero within, through his sensitivity, intelligence,
    intuition and super powers.

  3. The masculine
    alter-ego of Angel

    With the same graphic codes, same first initial and same number of letters, A*Men was created in the image of Angel as its masculine version. Launched in 1996, the fragrance is marketed in the United States under the name Angel*Men.

  4. The first Oriental gourmand…for men

    Invented for Angel, this fragrance family has grown to include a men's fragrance with A*Men. An overdosed note of Arabica coffee has been added to its patchouli and vanilla notes (which recall the tender universe of childhood), thus strengthening the fragrance's
    virility and intensity.

  5. A touch of asphalt

    Created just for A*Men, an innovative tar note gives the fragrance a remarkably modern urban dimension.
    Never before seen or smelled.

  6. Unique bottles

    Designed by Thierry Mugler himself, the sculptural lines of the A*Men bottle were inspired by those of whiskey flasks, which are masculine, ergonomic and timeless by nature. Carved directly into its curves, the star symbol appears as though it could take flight at any moment. Simply magical.

  7. Two hand-crafted finishes

    In addition to its lines, the A*Men bottle stands out with its particularly innovative finishes. One is made from metal, which is injected into a custom mould, then hand-polished and covered with seven layers of copper and nickel to provide it with brilliancy and extremely high resistance. The other, made from rubber or elastomer (never before used for such a volume), is also molded before
    it offers its unrivaled smoothness.

  8. An unalterable metal

    The metal version of the A*Men bottle is created from Zamak, a dense and ultra-resistant alloy made from zinc and aluminium that is usually used in heavy industry for its strength, and in metalwork for its durability.

  9. B*Men

    In 2004, A*Men inspired a new vision in men's fragrances: B*Men. It is a fragrance of supernatural dimensions that is incarnated by a highly powerful and colorful hero, and is contained within an ultra-masculine bottle with a khaki green exterior that contrasts with its red star.

  10. An eternal fragrance

    Following in the footsteps of Thierry Mugler's most beloved women's fragrances, A*Men bottles are all refillable, thanks to the line's eco-refills. Eternity in one simple gesture.

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