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The Sahara fashion show
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The Sahara fashion show

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Yves Pagan, Director of Heritage at Thierry Mugler,
reminisces over his Couture years when he worked alongside the designer.

Just back from Los Angeles, Thierry Mugler shared his latest epiphany with us: the theme of the next fashion show would be the Sahara. He would often return from his travels with a vision and a million ideas packed in his bags. This is what guided all of our work. We would start with mood boards and accessory sketches, then search for fabric and material, which was later followed by the first models and fittings. Each session allowed him to refine his vision and take control of it down to the smallest details: the looks, hairstyles, decor, staging, music...Then on with the show!

His creations left audiences breathless as the models struck a pose on the runway. They became actresses during the show, enthusiastically playing their parts to bring their dresses to life. Thierry Mugler inspired each of them with his words before they took to the catwalk.

The colors set the tone, with gold, beige, nudes and powdery shades all coming together to create a gold-tinged show evoking sand, dunes and desert. It was a shade befitting of the designer, adorning even the stiletto heels studded with flashes of gold. Exoticism, poetry and warmth abounded...

I took to the stage with a monkey around her neck. Backstage, she attentively cared for it while the team did her hair and make-up. A special moment that was 100% Mugler !

Following the show, Thierry Mugler had set up a photo shoot in the Sahara. This is an art in which he excels. I remember him leading us under the stars through the dunes. It was as if we were enveloped by a shimmering bubble. The desert was ours. The models showed us what they were made of, revealing their warrior within. A magical moment of legendary photos.

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