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Eight ways we're making the holidays magical again
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Eight ways we're making the holidays magical again

  - So Mugler  

When the Studio discovers a new passion, it shares it with the brand's most devoted fans. Today, it is So Mugler...

Travel between dreams and reality with authentic Mugler experiences, the stuff of other-worldly dreams, especially imagined in honour of the festive season. On this occasion, the Studio has selected eight extraordinary journeys and unconventional moments...

  • Montreal, Canada – "Luminothérapie" will make you feel like a child filled with wonder as you gaze upon a field illuminated with colored prisms and facades animated with representations of fairgrounds from the early 20th century. A poetic, sensory journey that is sure to brighten your winter.

  • Berlin, Germany – Be swept away by a cosmic love story told on the world's biggest stage. The Friedrichstradt-Palast revue has been transformed into a futuristic urban jungle for "The Wyld – Out of this world," the new "city-sized" show from Manfred T. Mugler with extravagant choreography scenes.

  • Mumbai, India – The "Cybertecture Egg" is home to a spaceship-like ecosystem of glass that is central to an eco-futuristic vision. This manifesto of architecture is simultaneously technological, responsible, intelligent and interactive. Embark on a journey into the future.

  • Nuenen, Netherlands – Feel like an astronaut traversing the galaxy as you cycle down a path illuminated with phosphorescent stars. This glow-in-the-dark road was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night." A magical, ephemeral moment you will never forget.

  • Paris, France – The "Mugler Follies" at Le Comedia is a blend of universes and performances incorporating elements of fantasy and technique, eroticism and elegance, a cabaret and a Fouquet’s dinner; a truly unique, emotion-filled spectacle created by the multi-talented designer.

  • Rome, Italy – Come and discover a cathedral to art with radical geometry that is as austere as it is breath-taking. This architectonic work by Zaha Hadid houses the "MAXXI," or Museum of XXI Century Arts, the first Italian institution dedicated to contemporary creativity and its many forms.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – With a roof rising up like a monumental wave of concrete, the "Tenerife Concert Hall" sits in perfect harmony upon the shores of the Mediterranean. This emblematic auditorium offers unrivaled acoustics for guaranteed excitement and immersion...

  • Quebec City, Canada – Set within a spectacular, unforgettable, comic book-worthy universe, the Hôtel de Glace is home to glasses, beds and works of art sculpted from the snow and ice of the Great Canadian North.

Eight extraordinary experiences; eight ways to experience pure magic. Happy holidays!

Photo credits : Cindy Boyce, Curbed SF Cybertecture Egg, Pim Hendriksen, Diego Delso, Commonurbock23,

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