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When the star describes Mugler
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When the star describes Mugler

  - So Mugler  

Cosmic, yet tangible. Shooting, yet timeless. Far-off and incredibly close – a star is as magical as it is real. A point of absolute balance. It perfectly reflects the world of Thierry Mugler, and his stellar career...

As a child,

he preferred alone time at the local park over going to school. He was in his own world, with only the sky and himself for company. At twilight, the stars comforted and calmed him, like Guardian Angels.

As a dancer

in the corps de ballet at the National Opera of the Rhine, he could almost touch those stars. He had joined the famously disciplined Strasbourg ballet at 14. The teenager he was trained rigorously and with his exceptional sensitivity to bodily expression,
he dreamed to become a star dancer in Paris...

Stars have brought me luck since my childhood
Thierry Mugler

As a fashion designer,

he continued to draw inspiration from stars. Sparkling divas, sublime warrior queens, modern heroines, Fifties Hollywood starlets – they fed his imagination, filled his visions... until his creations exalted the lucky celestial charm hidden among the folds of their material.

As a perfume creator,

he paid lyrical homage to the stars by designing a hand-crafted and faceted bottle for Angel Eau de Parfum, featuring five elongated points to symbolize the center of an ever-expanding universe.

A whole galaxy of his creations, from Angel bottles to campaigns, display the now-famous symbolic star.

As a showman,

he gathers a constellation of stars on stage, dazzling among choreography, singing, acrobatics and erotic striptease in spectacular shows like Mugler Follies and The Wyld. Brilliant.

Thierry Mugler's"blue star"is forever rising.

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