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The Wyld – Out of this world
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The Wyld – Out of this world

  - So Mugler  

The new Grand Show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin directed by Manfred Thierry Mugler. This larger-than-life show is a cosmic love story set in both a weird and wonderful city of Berlin. He is a young BMX rider who has his feet firmly planted on the ground. She is a fierce woman living at the top of the Berlin TV tower with her head in the clouds. This is the story of how two souls separated by an infinite distance, finally meet.

“To me, Berlin is one of the greatest places for free expression. I especially appreciate the city’s values and open-mindedness. THE WYLD includes all its positive vibrations: energy, modernity, timelessness and culture.

These are the feelings that I wanted to share through my show, and I wanted it to be spectacular. The Palast is the only place where such a concept could take place, the only venue that could host such a project. The largest stage in the world for an other-worldly show.”

Manfred Thierry Mugler

The revue was created by the scriptwriter, stage director, photographer and perfumer Manfred Thierry Mugler himself. He is also responsible for the creation of all costumes, and co-wrote the script with Roland Welke. A manifold humanity emerges from this expression of poetry, humour, futurism and glamour: a civilisation rich in differences, both in its past and future.

The “city-sized” show is inhabited by extraordinary characters, such as the eternally young Néfertiti, the most famous woman in Berlin...

...A BMX rider; intergalactic aliens; stellar urban tribes; and more.

The extravagant choreographic scenes feature sixty talented dancers of the Friedrichstadt-Palast company directed by ten choreographers from all over the world. Among them are Brian Friedman and Itzik Galili. The world’s largest revue company, performing on the world’s largest stage at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin – owned by the city of Berlin. A sight like no other. Go on, experience it for yourself!

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