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10 secrets about Angel
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10 secrets about Angel

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  1. Thierry Mugler x
    Jacques Courtin-Clarins

    In search of a partner who would be able to develop the brand's first fragrance, designer Thierry Mugler asked to personally meet with the founder of the Clarins Group, Jacques Courtain-Clarins. Mugler was looking to create a brand which focused on the customer and was simultaneously daring, sensational and timeless. Thierry Mugler Parfums was created from this partnership in 1990, and two years later Angel was born...

  2. 10 Years of Reflection

    Mugler dreamt of creating an exceptional fragrance for 10 years before he was able to make it a reality. The designer expressed: « I always wanted to create a fragrance that struck a chord with everyone, something close to tenderness and childhood memories. I wanted to have an extremely sensual contact with this fragrance, so that the person one loves smells good enough to eat. »

  3. A Rejected Concept

    Transform food into fragrance? The perfumers Thierry Mugler contacted said this was unrealistic. Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp was the only one to accept the challenge. Cresp had previous training in the United States in raw materials and it was here he learned about food aromas.

  4. The Gourmand Note,
    Invented for Angel

    Never before had a perfume been created that evoked the sweet flavors of childhood treats. It was a unique, visionary idea that resulted from a partnership between designer and perfumer. « Thierry Mugler is an extraordinary man. He expresses his creativity through a style that is simultaneously personal, very strong and very specific. Our job was to help him reveal this through the expression of fragrance. As a perfumer, the ear is sometimes more important than the nose... », confides Yves de Chiris, Marketing Director of Quest International. Angel was then born, a cross between confectionery and perfumery, which paved the way for a new fragrance family: oriental gourmand.

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  5. Over 600 Trials

    Perfumer Oliver Cresp conducted over 600 trials before creating the fragrance we know as Angel today. Beyond the numbers alone, it required mastery, patience, precision and time to create the timeless, glamorous and indulgent perfection that is Angel.

  6. Unique Bottles

    A star-shaped bottle was created at the request of Thierry Mugler. He imagined an exceptional sky blue object that was faceted like a diamond and hand-polished... The glassmakers he contacted all said that this would be impossible to manufacture, but the Brosse Master Glassmakers took time to consider it. Over two years later, after creating an innovative new rotating mold, the Angel bottle was finally able to shine.

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  7. Unique perfuming

    Angel is the only fragrance to have its own application technique: it is enveloping, delicate, and enhances the scent of this exceptional perfume. First, apply a touch of Angel moisturizing cream to the skin. Then, spray a light cloud of perfume and walk through it. To finish, apply a touch of fragrance to your « pulse points » (inside cleavage or at the base of the throat, inner wrists, or inner elbows) for the ultimate perfuming ritual, perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike.

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  8. The Star and the Color
    Blue, Beloved Symbols

    Symbols have long fascinated Thierry Mugler. « The star? Just look at the cover of the photo book that I published in 1986 and you'll understand that it is a very long-standing attachment... I didn't choose it, it just happened ». Universal, positive, and eternal, the star serves as a guide, a refuge and a guardian angel for the designer. The same is true of the color blue, the color of the imaginary, the intangible and the unpredictable. It is an incarnation of the sky, the infinite and the immense... Inspiration to fuel the imagination.

  9. « She is Angel! »

    « She is Angel! » are the words Thierry Mugler exclaimed when he met Jerry Hall. In 1995, she became the face of Angel, and of all the Angel muses, Hall is his favorite. Elegant, sophisticated, charismatic and ultra-glamorous, her personality captured the designer's admiration; she embodied Angel. In 2014, Hall's daughter is following in her footsteps... Georgia May Jagger is the newest face of this legendary fragrance.

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  10. Angel Refused...
    But Not for Long!

    The initial launch of Angel in the United States caused quite a stir: the head of a department store chain refused to sell the fragrance in her stores. A few months later, she apologized for her lack of appreciation and expressed her praise for the legendary fragrance. Women loved the scent and Angel gathered a loyal following. « Beware of Angels » then resonated on the other side of the Atlantic...

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