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Staying enveloped in your Angel, Alien or Womanity fragrance throughout the day. A dream? No, reality! That is, if you use the Thierry Mugler approach. Ladies, your attention please.Read more
Thierry Mugler is head over heels for new olfactory experiences. Take his Liqueurs de Parfums for example: a blending, once again, of worlds and talents.Read more
Mugler's first fragrance for men celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new graphic identity inspired by its creator's vision...Read more
The diverse and contrasting colors reveal meaning and substance, expressing the identity of each Mugler fragrance...Read more
The Silver Surfer as an inspiration, a note of asphalt, an unalterable metal version... 10 facts you may not know about A*Men.Read more
The quartz crystal radiates and soothes. As does Alien which inspires the design of its bottle.Read more
A muse, a director, special effects and unique dresses combine to form the many facets of Angel. A timeless collaboration.Read more
Discover our expert advice on how to choose a fragrance that best reveals the inner you.Read more
Thierry Mugler imagined a gourmand note that evoked the sweet flavors of childhood. A new olfactory wave: the first "gourmand oriental".Read more
Because your desires change, Mugler perfumes are available in four concentrations. Our explanations by way of inspirations...Read more
Behind an enveloping fragrance is a legendary ingredient with unique oriental woody sensuality. The signature of Angel: patchouli...Read more
10 years of reflection, unique bottles: 10 interesting facts about Angel.Read more
Intensity exalted. Enhance the seductive powers of your fragrance this Valentine's Day by following our tips. Irresistible.Read more
Because of the revolutionary glassmaking process used to create the exceptional star-shaped Angel bottles, no two are exactly alike.Read more

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