Look beyond
spread your wings and rise.

The wings of

vict ory

The myths and legends
by Mugler surpass the wildest imagination.

Through my designs,
I have always
attempted to understand
the body and
inspire dreams.

Overlapping flounces

Overlapping flounces,
flesh-colored silk,
latex chiffon, swan down,
duchesse satin, sky crystals...
Materials nourish the imagination.
The fantasy materialises.

Restraint in extravagance

Glacier blue satin dress


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jean-Philippe Decros, Patrice Stable, Thierry Mugler.
MODELS: Simonetta, Sayoko Yamaguchi, Nadja Auermann, Pat Cleveland, Honor Fraser, Kroshka (Lyudmila Savchuk), Emma Sjöberg, Simonetta Gianfelici, Radana Kasparova, Linda Evangelista.

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